Physical Fitness

Because most people struggle to get close to the vision they have for their physical fitness, Hutano’s fitness program is every bit what you would expect from a program designed by physical therapists; simple, effective and clinical. If you find yourself yo-yo-ing from one diet to another, and this exercise regimen to another, Hutano is for you. Hutano’s commonsense lifestyle transformation offers the solutions you have been looking for. It is a 45-minute progressive training programming that will leave your heart and muscles feeling good. It’s as good a strengthening exercise as it is an aerobic exercise; the best part is that it is all but over in 45 minutes.

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Right now all across the country, orthopedic surgeons are operating on shoulders, knees, hips, and spines to save joints and improve mobility. We (physical therapists) are the unsung heroes commissioned to finish what orthopedic surgeons started. Hutano handpicked the best rehabilitation physical therapist for just this purpose; Why? Because every good surgery needs an even better physical therapist. In fact, a good physical therapist can even turn a bad surgery into an ok surgery. But we will take the good ones too! Stated differently, “we got you covered”. What we do well is completely surpass the expectations of orthopedic surgeons and their patients

Sports Conditioning

If you make a living from playing sports – or not, then you understand that a good physical therapist is not good enough. Only the best will do if you are trying to shave milliseconds to stay ahead of your competition. If you don’t make a living playing sports, you too will have to settle for the same physical therapists we offer our professional sportsmen – the very best! When it comes to training you to get back to the top of your game, the other team may hold you back, but your physical therapist should make it darn hard for the other team. Hutano physical therapists are athletes … so we totally get it!

Minimal Visits Guarantee

How do you know your physical therapist graduated at the top of their class? If he or she can guarantee results in two visits. we have spent years learning about body movements and how to treat abnormal movement; you would expect us to a thing or two about the subject, right? Well, we do! Got a pencil? then write this down carefully. the first sign of a good therapist and the primary indication that your recovery will be fast is a therapist who can back up their plan of care with a timeframe guarantee.

The bottom line

If you are a patient, rarely are you interested in learning human anatomy from your physical therapist. this is not why you visit physical therapist. For one, you probably figured that your physical therapist is up to par with all the technical medical stuff. Here is what you may be interested in though.

1. What is wrong with me and

2. How long will it take to get better.

We have concentrated the core of our practice values in answering these questions. The secret to our success is simple. We are able to dig into our clinical chest of knowledge and experience to answer these two questions right … every time!