Physical Therapy

If you’ve wanted to enjoy all the benefits of physical wellness and the mental well-being that comes with it, Now is the time to step into Hutano. Hutano is a physical therapy practice like no other; no meaningless exercises or getting hooked up to electricity! Hutano is a revolutionary way to deliver physical wellness. Hutano patients feel good and in no time return to or begin an active lifestyle. It is customized to the individual and guaranteed to show results in just a few treatment sessions.
Dr. Ephraim Makuve
Physical Therapist

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Chronic Pain

Another reason you should be talking to a real professional about chronic pain is that your health is worth the attention. Good physical therapy is more than great clinical skills. Establishing trust with our patients is our hallmark. Our staff is completely dedicated to caring for our patients and addressing the pain that is induced by movement. the result is a healing atmosphere where our patients actually see results….less pain while moving.

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Mobile health

There are 3 types of people in this country;
1. The people with health insurance and an abundance of money to purchase all the healthcare they need.
2. The one with health insurance and deductibles so high, they are afraid to use their healthcare benefits for anything but a health crisis.
3. The people without health insurance who spend every waking moment worrying about ever needing to purchase healthcare.
No matter which of the three groups you may currently fall, one thing is certain, you want healthcare to be affordable, accessible, and the autonomy to choose your provider. Until now, you really could not do that; Hutano mobile is a platform that does all three.

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Hutano – The Health Company

Did you know that the quality of your movement a more direct effect on on your overall personal health that anything else. Not only that, most movement disorders are treatable. For hundreds of years all the way from the bush men to the pilgrims movement always carried great significance. The ability to move unimpeded is a reliable indicator of a person’s well being. fact is, humans release “happy” chemicals when they are able move freely. It is impossible to move without elevating your attitude. Hutano is a movement company. Now that you know what we do, now let’s talk about how we do it.

It takes a good physical therapist one visit to make a difference. As far as the results side, it takes a good physical therapist 2 visits to show results. So, if you are one of those people like me, who wants nothing but the best, Hutano is the best!

Now, you may be asking yourself what else Hutano does; three things total! 1. Physical Therapy, 2. Physical Therapy Chronic Pain Management and 3. Mobile Health Platform development

Next Steps…

If you are interested, you should probably call as soon as possible. Dr. Makuve has an extremely busy schedule … because …. not only is he one of the best physical therapists in Las Vegas and Henderson, he is also spending a lot of time teaching physical therapy students how to integrate his techniques into their practice.