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home "Is your mobility limited? Do you suffer from a chronic condition that impacts your freedom?"

Ready to make a change and live life better?

 We’d like to show you a new way to access
        Physical Therapy – a way that will give you the results you thought you’d never achieve.
   Introducing Our Comprehensive Wellness Care
        Membership, a cost-effective program with unlimited Physical Therapy, extended
        sessions, and total wellness treatment. It’s
different, and it works


Your unlimited Comprehensive Wellness Care is only $2,800 annually. That's $233 a month for unlimited access to the treatment you need to live more fully. And we guarantee you will see real results.
With our Comprehensive Wellness Care Membership, you will receive the unlimited treatment you need to transform the way you feel and function.

If your conditions requires a few physical therapy treatments, our office visit charge is $90/visit. In addition, you will be supplied with a superbill to submit to your insurance company.

  Benefits of our Comprehensive Wellness Care Membership:
  • Unlimited sessions with an Doctor of Physical Therapy.
  • Intensive one-on-one treatment sessions (45-60 minutes long) dedicated exclusively to results-oriented recovery
  • Holistic, total wellness consultation to identify other contributing factors
  • Consultations with a Personal Trainer.
  • Open access to our gym facilities
  • No benefits plan constraints or co-payments to collect
  • No physician referral required.