Briefly stated, Hutano is a technology platform unlike any platform solves 7 healthcare problems;

  1. Access to healthcare
  2. Cost of healthcare
  3. Autonomy for patients to choose a provider.
  4. Autonomy for providers to charge a fair price for their services
  5. Transparency of healthcare costs
  6. Recognize providers who provide exceptional care.
  7. Provide actionable feedback to improve care

Access to healthcare

At Hutano, we have identified 3 types of healthcare consumers; one, the abundantly insured patients who can afford all the healthcare money can buy; two, the underinsured, patients with such high deductibles they avoid using the healthcare system unless absolutely necessary and three the uninsured who are at the mercy of government-sponsored insurance or emergency care. Hutano democratizes healthcare by leveling the playing field for all three groups. Because, healthcare pricing on the platform is transparent and fair, patients are able to access healthcare without the additional cost imposed on healthcare by third parties.

Cost of healthcare

Everyone agrees that the cost of healthcare is unsustainable for most Americans. However, most providers also agree that the cost they would charge to the patient directly wound be much less if they did not have to bear the administration costs associated with using third-party payers. Hutano is able to lower costs significantly; making healthcare cost something the average American can save for pay immediately or pay for over a few months.

Autonomy for patients to choose a provider

The list of acronyms is unending and disgracefully confusing to anyone trying to consume healthcare. PPOs, HMOs, FFS … the list goes on. Each of these acronyms dictates who is in network or out of network. Hutano is a boundless network. Every provider is in your network. In fact, patients can even create their own network by hand picking providers they prefer.

Autonomy for providers to charge a fair price for their services

Ask every provider whose compensation is tied to a third-party payer and you will hear the same complaint over and over…the reimbursement for services decreases year over year at a time where the cost of health insurance rises year over year. Hutano empowers the providers to charge services in a free market where demand and supply determine fair prices. Instead of being price-takers, providers become price makers.

Transparency of healthcare costs

It is unfortunate that American patients have become accustomed to lack of pricing transparency. Unfortunately, healthcare is the only industry where price is unknown until end. Hutano is changing that. On the platform, every provider displays pricing and are held to that price by the Hutano community.

Recognize and reward providers who provide exceptional care

Some providers are just great. They know how to connect with patients and provide great care. Hutano, like to make sure these exceptional provides are recognized on the platform by their star rating. Unlike start ratings used on the internet by many services, Hutano’s rating is weighted to reflect what patients care about the most. Providers who constantly go above and beyond customer expectations are rewarded by more business and patients who ignore the patient demands, over time loose business.

Provide actionable feedback to improve care

We started our process by asking; what makes the perfect patient experience? Out of that we identified these key metrics;

  1. Timeliness of the provider to treat the patient.
  2. Provider’s bedside manner.
  3. Provider ability to diagnose and treat properly.
  4. Friendliness of staff.
  5. Clean and welcoming environment.

After identifying these key metrics, we learned that patients care more about bedside manner than say cleanliness of the clinic. We learned that patients prefer a friendly staff, but will put up with an unfriendly staff is the provider is timely and has good bedside manner. From all this, we created an algorithm. the algorithm is the basis for usually-busy provider to zero in on what their practice needs to improve to meet their patient needs.

What Else!

Hutano Plus

Hutano Plus is a backend cloud-based software used by providers and front dest staff to manage patient flow. Calendaring and reminders are seamlessly integrated in app allowing communication between providers and customers to happen real time.

Hutano Elite

Hutano Elite is a suite of cloud-based software that includes electronic medical record management, and patient records storage.

Hutano Premium

Premium is a service for patients who use Hutano 5 or more times a months. Loyalty is rewarded on the Hutano platform through discounted prices.

Hutano Savings Account

Patients can save money into a Hutano savings account (HSA). the amount in the account earns modest interest and rolls over from year to year. Patient can use their H-dollars to purchase discounted services on the platform or out of network for services like gym memberships.