Welcome to Hutano Fitness. Hutano’s unique approach to wellness is built around the experience of our founder Dr. Ephraim Makuve and the expertise and experience of Las Vegas’ most sought after personal trainer, Michelle Davis .

Michelle Davis

Michelle Davis, Personal Trainer.

Michelle is a natural born athlete who started playing sports at age 11. She gravitated toward weight lifting at 15 and has grown to be a nationally recognized athlete in this discipline.

Not surprising to those who know her; Michelle never stopped growing her career in health and fitness; even after losing her older sister Christine in 2017 to breast cancer. Drawing upon the unfortunate death of her sister, Michelle became an avid personal trainer, life coach and a fitness influencer. She continue to make a difference in many peoples’ lives, Meanwhile, Michelle’s curiosity and humility are assets that have kept her abreast with the latest tends and research in fitness and wellness.

One of Michelle’s specialties is bodybuilding. With Michelle, only perfection is acceptable; so in 2017, 2018 and 2019, she entered 8 National Physique Committee (NPC) shows. Out of 8 shows, Michelle won an impressive 7 first places.

Asked what she values most, Michelle’s always talks about the community. She loves building a community of health conscious individuals. Teaming up with Dr. Ephraim Makuve was a natural fit because of their vision for wellness are aligned.