Elevate your Health 2020

Hutano is not only a healthcare company, we are in fact a lifestyle company. Consider this; healthcare companies, following the traditional follow-the-herd approach cannot wait to help you when your health is out of whack. Hutano on the other hand, prefers to save you the trouble of a major health overhaul by maintaining and improving your health regularly. Basically, what we offer can be considered all-around care. Our programs includes group classes, personal training, doctor-performed physical evaluations and routine physical follow ups.

We are not just about helping you lose weight; rather, our comprehensive approach gets to the root of why you have struggled to keep the weight off for so long and why you have yo-yoed between healthy and unhealthy weights for a life time. One thing we know is that packing the pounds is only an outward manifestation a deeply rooted unhealthy relationship with food. At Hutano, you, like many who have gone through our program are in good hands because we fundamentally committed to getting you back on track and keeping you on track. Our goal is to transform your mindset about exercise and food; to detect signs of injuries early and thwart negative thoughts about realizing your potential before they hold root and become habit. Point in case, Hutano is your health partner; our goal is to empower to be your best..

MDFit has been changing lives for years and just when you thought the program could not get better, it has. Through the partnership with Hutano, MDFit is now at a level other program can only esteem. With wellness programs starting at $199/month, there is a price point for everyone everyone. The value is simply unbelievable! Considering a comprehensive physical therapy evaluation alone is worth at least $120; add to that one-on-one personal training and group classes then you will begin to appreciate that this introductory rate is great value. We absolutely know you will love this program and are counting on you telling everyone you know about this unique partnership between Hutano and MDFit.

Being Vegas-Born we know you are used to being treated like a VIP. At Hutano your VIP treatment starts with a physical evaluation by our doctor of physical therapy Dr. Makuve. Your workout regimen is then tailor made for you by Dr Makuve; taking into account your wellness and fitness goals and medical history. Frankly, this doctor-tailored evaluation is one key difference between Hutano and our competition. Furthermore, every month, Dr. Makuve will perform follow-up checkups to make sure you are meeting your goals. In the meantime our world-class Personal Trainer Michelle Davis, will deliver the motivation, direction and supervision you need to get through Hutano’s signature 45 minute exercise program.

Lunar eclipse shows itself once in a while. Likewise, it is rare that a highly sought after personal trainer like Michelle Davis and a doctor of physical therapy like Dr. Makuve partner to create a comprehensive wellness program like what Hutano has cooked up; Nonetheless, this rarity is really happening; right here in Las Vegas! Your journey to wellness must start with the right team and without doubt, the Hutano team is right team Las Vegas has been waiting for. We cannot wait to serve you.

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