The Company

Ever wondered how Hutano got its name? Simple! Hutano means health in Shona. If you are like most people, you are always looking for the secret to staying healthy longer. The problem is most solutions out there are too complicated and unsustainable. This is where Hutano is different. By just shifting your thinking and focus to what you are already doing right you can quickly advance your health forward sustainably. Achieving a state of Hutano is not reserved for just the few with the will of steel; rather, a state of Hutano (Health) is for all. Fact is, physical therapy and regular medical checkups are the keys to good health. Your health was meant to last a lifetime, with a little regular physical therapy it can! Health should not be like a used car that depreciates with age. In fact, opposite is true; health should be like a classic car that appreciates with age. Going from mediocrity to greatness is the most fulfilling and exciting move you could ever make for your health.

Our Story

Dr. Ephraim Makuve received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Mary is Bismarck in North Dakota. Although he is general physical therapist, he has worked in critical care and emergency care, earning a reputation of excellence in mobilizing patients no one else will touch. Dr. Makuve always reached for a higher calling; making real changes in healthcare. So, he went back to school, adding a Masters in Business Administration in Healthcare to an already impressive educational resume that includes a bachelors of science in management information systems, and a doctorate in physical therapy. Already a pioneer in redefining physical therapy, he has made a complete 360 by combining 15 years of IT experience, 10 years of clinical experience and 20 years of entrepreneurship. The result is Hutano. A company that is not shy to break norms and blaze new trails. A formidable force in patient care and healthcare technology platforms to improve healthcare ACCESS, patient AUTONOMY and lower healthcare COSTS.

Next Steps…

Just like regular oil changes and maintenance keep your car running smooth longer than it would otherwise; physical therapy checkups can you help you keep moving with less pain for a lifetime.