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Back in 2007, I decided to become a physical therapist. Although the decision came as a surprise to many, it made perfect sense to me. Up to this point, my vocational life comprised servers, programming, web designing and everything that goes with information technology. Fifteen years of  information technology had led me to physical therapy. Honestly, my only experience with a physical therapist to this point was an after repair of my achilles tendon. Not surprisingly, the pain I endured during my therapy sessions was far from inspirational; however, the results were far reaching. I was drawn to the trade by the attitudes and demeanor of every  therapist I met past this point. Simply said, I knew I was born to be a physical therapist.

By August 2008, I was one of 34 students accepted to University of Mary Physical Therapy program to be class of 2011.  Following this, on April 30, 2011 to be exact, I graduated with a clinical doctoral degree in  physical therapy. Since graduation, I have practiced in Geriatrics, Pain Management and Occupational Medicine settings.

My name is Dr. Ephraim Makuve; I am the founder and owner of Hutano Physical Therapy. Hutano, Inc is a Nevada Corporation based in Las Vegas. My company is built on the following philosophy that;

1. Physical therapy works; Hutano's therapists are consumers as well as clinicians who themselves consult physical therapy care for theirs and their families' musculoskeletal and neuromuscular ailments. We believe in what we do and how we do it - sometimes that makes all the the difference!

2. Goals should be well communicated and measurable;  The practice of physical therapy is goal driven and goal oriented. It is a core philosophy at Hutano that patients' wellness goals are communicated and measured at every visit. If you do not know where you are going you will likely end up anywhere. Setting and measuring goals regularly maintains accountability between the therapist and the patient.

3. Evidence based practice is the reason for treating in the manner we do. There is one major difference in our approach to care; our therapists use passive modalities sparingly.  Evidence drives our practice. At the same time, our organization is committed to lifelong learning and open to re-inventing our approach to care.

4. Lifestyle changes through education; Hutano is a beacon of education in the community. We believe that health is only possible when our patients lifestyles accommodate a healthy lifestyle. On this subject, Hutano therapists walk the walk. We promote healthy bodies and healthy minds through education, our weight loss program, and exercise and fitness program.

- Hutano means health -

Dr Ephraim Makuve, PT

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